Design a Spray Drying System and Manufacturing a Prototype for Dehydrating Liquid Lysozyme

Yüceer M., Mavuş R.(Executive)

TUBITAK Project, 2020 - 2022

  • Project Type: TUBITAK Project
  • Begin Date: September 2020
  • End Date: March 2022

Project Abstract

Lysozyme is a commercially valuable enzyme and is used today as a natural antimicrobial agent in various foods, to control preservative or microbial processes in the production of cheese, beer and wine. Lysozyme is very abundant in egg white (3.5% of total egg white protein), and chicken egg albumin is the main commercial source of this enzyme today. Liquid lysozyme is stabilized by drying and has a shelf life of 24 months. Spray dryers are used for drying in the process.

Within the scope of the project, for the first time in our country, a fully automatic spray dryer line will be designed and manufactured for directly producing powder lysozyme product from liquid lysozyme product.