Rheological Properties of Egg Yolk Cholesterol and Fat Reduced Mayonnaise

YÜCEER M., Özçelik B.

3'rd International Congress on Food and Nutrition, Turkey, 1 - 04 May 2009

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • Country: Turkey
  • Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Affiliated: Yes


Egg, which is an important nutrient for the economy of country and human nutrition, is a foodstuff with high nutritional value. In addition to this, egg yolk is rich in high quality protein and regarding the high biological value of this protein. Furthermore, egg yolk poses a risk for the health of consumers due to cholesterol it contains. Today, it’s known that, it causes coronary heart disease with the amount of cholesterol taken through diets and with its increased blood cholesterol level. New technological developments in the food industry and the consumer demands regarding this subject caused the consumers’ looking for new products such as light, low cholesterol and cholesterol-free products on the market shelves.

In our study, the functional features of egg yolk are going to be maintained and a low cholesterol mayonnaise product which is better for the health manufactured. Egg yolk cholesterol has been extracted with adsorption to β-CD which is used in food industry by forming a complex with β-CD which reflects a structure of cyclic oligosaccharide. Cholesterol reduced egg yolk (CREY) used in the production of mayonnaise with different levels of cholesterol reduction (75-85 %) and xanthan gum (0.5-0.7 %) and egg yolk (4-7.5 %). The effect of process on mayonnaise has been examined by analyzing composition, color value, cholesterol level, physicochemical and rheological properties were carried out on the CREY and mayonnaise.

Our results showed that, the rate of cholesterol in egg yolk has been reduced 83 %. We see that; in comparison with raw and pasteurized egg yolk, CREY has higher carbohydrate (2.2 %), higher a value, lower in L and b values with thixotrophic. The results that are found out as a result of the study will be able to be used in the low cholesterol, functional mayonnaise production in the industry.

Keywords: Egg yolk, Low Cholesterol Functional Mayonnaise, Rheology