Learning while teaching: Student teachers’ reflections on their teaching practicum


Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies, vol.15, no.1, pp.895-913, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)



Teaching practicum of English language teachers has been the heart of many studies in the recent years. However, most of those studies focused on the graduates of teacher training programs. In Turkey, graduates of English Language and Literature (ELL) departments are also qualified to be an English teacher as long as they have a teaching certificate awarded by a university after completing an intensive program called pedagogical formation. This study focused on the teacher candidates, who are graduates of ELL programs. More specifically, it aimed to investigate what those teacher candidates thought they learned through their intensive and short teaching practicum experience and the challenges they have met. For this purpose, the study adopted qualitative research methodology and 8 participants took part in the study. The data were collected via reflective journals and semi-structured questionnaires and were analyzed through thematic content analysis. Results indicated that student teachers’ learning outcomes could be grouped under three themes such as pedagogical strategies, developing professional identity and developing positive feelings. The challenges could be grouped under four themes such as classroom management, time management, mixed-ability classes and difficulties in using technology. Based on the findings, some recommendations were offered.

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Keywords: Pre-service teacher education; pedagogical formation; teaching practicum