Evaluation Local Features of Gölyazı in Terms of Cultural Landscape

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Çelik A., Erduran Nemutlu F.

The Journal of Agricultural Faculty of Uludağ University, vol.30, pp.661-668, 2016 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Cultural landscape is a mutual product of human and nature. Local features, on the other hand, are the indicators of genuine and affluent cultural landscape. The areas which are able to preserve their local features, provide available space for various kind of recreational activities besides their genuine values, their effect on space perception and improving the sense of belonging. Such kind of cultural landscape is offered as touristic turnouts and they form a kind of attractive and directive force when recreational and tourism activities are considered. However, urban development and conversion cause transformation on conventional settlements in time and thus change the genuine values of these settlements. With modernisation great numbers of conventional settlements are being abandoned or their local features, which are their genuine characteristics, are being destroyed through conversion. Unless a kind of sufficient and conscious planning is made for these spaces, they are to face the danger of losing their genuine local feature values. In this study, which aims to set forth a planning conclusion on protecting cultural landscape efficiently, local features that are of important components of cultural landscape have been evaluated on the scale of Gölyazı sample and its supplementary role on cultural landscape has been aimed to be put forward. Data acquisition, analysis, synthesis and assessment constitute the study methods. Keywords: Local feature, Cultural landscape, Gölyazı, Bursa