Palladium(II) Complexes Containing 2,6-Bis(Imino)Pyridines: Synthesis, Characterization, Thermal Study, and Catalytic Activity in Suzuki Reactions

DAYAN O., DOĞAN F., KAYA İ., Cetinkaya B.

SYNTHESIS AND REACTIVITY IN INORGANIC METAL-ORGANIC AND NANO-METAL CHEMISTRY, vol.40, no.5, pp.337-344, 2010 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


A series of palladium complexes: [(Pydim)PdCl](PdCl3) (Pydim (1): pyridine-2,6-diimine) have been synthesized from palladium dichloride and the corresponding pydim. The Pd (II) complexes have been used as catalyst in the Suzuki reaction of aryl halides. Moreover, thermal behaviors of palladium complexes have been studied in nitrogen atmosphere using TG/DTG and DTA techniques. The values of activation energy Ea, and reaction order n, the entropy change S*, enthalpy change H#, and Gibbs free energy change G# of the thermal decomposition were calculated by means of several methods based on the single heating rate.