Pre-Cambrian Metamorphic Rocks of the Sakarya Zone in the Biga Peninsula; Late Ediacaran Gondwanaland Active Continental Margin


TURKIYE JEOLOJI BULTENI-GEOLOGICAL BULLETIN OF TURKEY, vol.63, no.3, pp.277-302, 2020 (ESCI) identifier


The pre-Jurassic metamorphic rocks of the Biga Peninsula can be evaluated as three main tectonostratigraphic units, which show significant differences from each other in terms of degree of metamorphism, deformation characteristics and tectonic settings. These are: 1) Kazdag Unit, 2) Kalabak Unit, and 3) Karakaya Unit. The Kazdag Unit forms the high-grade metamorphic core rocks of the Kazdag Massif on the visible base of the Biga Peninsula. The Kalabak Unit and the Karakaya Unit are located on this high-grade metamorphic basement as composite tectonic slices and form the lower-grade metamorphic outer envelopes.