Conceptual Analysis of Middle School Students' Cognitive Structure on the Concept of "Technology" Through Word Association Test


CUKUROVA UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF EDUCATION JOURNAL, vol.49, no.2, pp.1098-1125, 2020 (ESCI) identifier


In this study, it is aimed to determine cognitive structures of middle school students regarding technology concept via word association test. The research is carried out with students from 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade (N: 201) of a middle school. The word association test is used to collect the data. The data collected from the word association test are evaluated by using the content analysis method. The concepts obtained from the content analysis are coded separately by two researchers and the average value of interrater reliability is found as 91%. As a result of the analysis of the data; it is seen that middle school students express 1571 different concepts related to the concept of technology. The concepts are divided into categories and a total of 11 categories are identified. The findings of the study show that students perceive technology as communication tool, computer, product and tool. The most remarkable finding is that students' experiences with technological tools in their everyday life are influential on their technology perceptions. As a result, it is determined that students' have limited understanding regarding technology concept.