Determining Environmental Factors Affecting Bird Diversity

Süel H., Akdemir D., Ertuğrul E. T., Özdemir S.



Abstract Aim of study: The main purpose of the study is to determine the site factors affecting bird diversity. Area of study: This study was performed in the Çandır District, Isparta which is located inner part of the Western Mediterranean region. Material and methods: In present study, Observations were conducted regularly in a total of 43 sample sites in Çandır District, throughout each month in 2016. Also, each sample site was observed using point-counting techniques from the direct observation techniques. In the present study, alpha diversity (Species richness, Menhinick, Margalef, Shannon-Wiener, Brillouin, Simpson, Berger-Parker, and Fisher’s Alpha) values were calculated, and significant variables were determined by using correlation analysis. Main results: A significant correlation (p=0.05) was determined between alpha diversity values and both environmental and climatic variables. Principal component analysis (PCA) was used to compare alpha diversity indexes with each other. Species richness, Shannon, and Brillouin indexes were determined as the variables having the strongest correlation with environmental variables. Highlights: A better understanding of factors affecting bird species diversity, which are sensitive species of ecosystems, is of great importance for the detection and monitoring of future changes. Especially when it is considered in terms of parameter selection for modeling studies, the mentioned importance increases even more. Therefore, it is thought that the results of this research will be important both in terms of studies conducted in Çandır District and in terms of studies on bird diversity. Keywords: Alpha Species Diversity, Bird Density, Correlation, Ecosystems, Principal Component