Determination of Flower Formation and Development in Arbutus andrachneL. with Association of Phenology

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Gökbayrak Z., Engin H.

Alinteri Journal of Agricultural Science, vol.36, no.1, pp.33-37, 2021 (ESCI)


Flower and floral organ development in the eastern strawberry tree (Arbutus andrachneL.) was investigated in this study to determine its stages and timing. After careful dissection and examination of the samples under microscopy, taken ever 10-15 days from at the end of January to the middle of April in 2019, the results concluded that flower formation completed in seven stages and that inflorescence and individual flower differentiation occurred at the end of winter. First individual flower primordia were evident 56 days before anthesis. Generative parts appeared almost 3 weeks (23 days) later and completed their initial growth in another 3 weeks (21 days). The formation of all floral organ primordia completed within the floral cup in which 5 sepals, 5 petals, 10 stamens and pistil. Individual flower primordia which were connected to the main axis by a pedicel grew on the main axis, and side branches on a second degree were connected to this main axis. Flower primordia were visible on March 2 and showed their size increased 15-and 27-fold in terms of width and length, respectively, over the course of 6 weeks.