Leakages And Value Added In Internatıonal Tourısm Revenues; Tourısm Satellite Account As A Measurement Method

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International Journal of Business and Social Science, vol.2, pp.198-206, 2011 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Tourism creates benefits such as foreign revenue, business development and employment opportunities for host countries. Although, alongside other impacts, there are many hidden costs of tourism to the host community such as leakages. Developed countries are often better able to profit from tourism than underdeveloped and developing ones because of high leakages in these countries. For a sustainable and healthy tourism development, it is an important issue to measure tourism industry’s contribution and leakages. Tourism satellite accounting can be a method to overcome this problem. In this study, Turkish and foreign literature has been examined, economic impacts of tourism, concept, importance and dimensions of leakages and value added are introduced and as a new concept for Turkey, Tourism Satellite Account is explained. Key words; Value Added, Leakages in Tourism Revenues, Tourism Satellite Account. Sustainable Development