Bibliometric Analysis of Publications on Vertebral Osteomyelitis Infections

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JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY AND STRATEGIC HEALTH RESEARCH, vol.6, no.1, pp.58-63, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Aim: Vertebral osteomyelitis is de ned as an infection of the intervertebral disc and the disc space of the adjacent vertebrae, which causes mortality and morbidity.  is disease has started to be detected more frequently due to increased diagnostic possibilities. In this study, we aimed to review the contribution of the increasing number of cases to the scienti c literature. Material and Method  is bibliometric analysis study was carried out by searching the keywords "vertebral osteomyelitis (VO)" or "spondylodiscitis" in Scopus database of Elsevier. English was chosen for the searching language.  e distribution of the number of publications by years was evaluated in terms of the institution in which the publications were made, the language of the publication, the country, the author, the institutions providing  nancial support, the number of citations and the journal in which they were published. Results It was determined that there were 2679 publications on vertebral osteomyelitis(VO). First publication was published in 1911. While there was very few publication on this subject until 1937, the number of publications a er year 1980s were increased (Graph 1). A total number of 1924 (71.81%) were published a er the year 2000.  e authors with the highest number of articles in this  eld were Louis Bernard (16 publications) and Aurélien Dinh (16 publications) from France. A total number of 2576 (96.15%) publications were published in the  eld of medicine.  ere were publications on VO in 20 di erent disciplines, from nursing to veterinary.  e publications were consisted of 2123 (79.24%) articles, 261 (9.7%) of them are not categorized, 9 (0.33%) letters to the editor, 150 (5.59%) reviews, and 136 (5.07%) other types of studies (conference papers, notes, book chapters, etc.).  e dominant language of publication was English (1992, 74.35%).  e most scienti cally productive countries on VO were United States (n=452, 16.87%), France (n=303, 11.31%) and Germany (n=248, 9.25%). Conclusion It is necessary to support scientific activities on VO and increase the number of publications made globally. Keywords Vertebral osteomyelitis, bibliometric analysis, Scopus database.