Sinemada Karakter Olgusu: Bir Karakter Oyuncusu Olarak Sadri Alışık


TURKISH ONLINE JOURNAL OF DESIGN, ART AND COMMUNICATION (TOJDAC), vol.4, no.2, pp.105-122, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


When the word "cinema" is mentioned the first definition most commonly given is the sequence of pictures which reflects the emotions and moods of people in different circumstances in a certain time frame, composed of three main parts which are introduction progression and result. There is so much pain and sacrifice in production of this art. Today especially in developing countries, like Turkey, the art of cinema is still in a fragile, unprotected and extraordinary condition. In spite of these rough conditions there are some cinema labourers shining like stars in this art who are appreciated by people because of their remarkable effort. With their productions these actors and actreeses who have talent in character and typecasting acting which are also rare all around the world, are real inspirers to people that are keen to learn the history of cinema or willing to work directly in this art. In this study, the definition of character and typecasting acting, when they are created and how they are formed are considered. It is aimed to give hints to all people who are interested in Turkish cinema history by analysing one of the best examples of the character and typecasting actors in Turkish cinema history, Sadri Alisik and the characters which he created.