Development of Curriculum Changes Perception Scale and Teachers’ Perceptions of Curriculum Changes

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Kayır G., Toraman Ç.

Educational Policy Analysis and Strategic Research, vol.16, no.2, pp.7-24, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This study aims to develop a scale to measure teachers' perceptions of curriculum changes. The experimental form created for this purpose was presented to the experts for their opinions. The content validity rates of the items were determined in line with the feedback from experts. Items with a content validity rate of less than .80 were excluded from the study. The 11-item trial form was applied to 162 Turkish teachers from different branches. Sampling was selected through convenient sampling method. With the Exploratory Factor Analyses (EFA), a two-dimensional structure consisting of 11 items, namely “Resistance to Program Changes” and “The Effect of Program Changes on Learning Environments”, was reached. The relationship between the subscales of the scale was examined in the analyzes and it was found that the factors were in a significant relationship with each other. It has been verified as a result of the analysis that the sub-dimensions are components of a structure that includes positive and negative perceptions called teacher perceptions against curriculum changes and that they together form a superstructure. It was determined that the model's goodness of fit indexes were quite high. Confirmatory factor analysis also confirmed the EFA results. The internal consistency coefficient obtained for the whole scale was determined as .95.