Bilbo’s hero’s journey through the scope of Campbell’s monomyth

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Cura N.

RumeliDE Dil ve Edebiyat Araştırmaları Dergisi, vol.0, no.17, pp.639-650, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


The purpose of this article is to discuss how J.R.R Tolkien formulated the journey of a hero in hisnovel “The Hobbit or There and Back Again”. The article is aimed at explaining Bilbo’s journeythrough the scope of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth. The reader is provided with information thathelped Tolkien’s work to become successful. In his work, Campbell argues that the events experiencedby a mythological, literary or modern hero/person are not usually individual and that these areexperienced by others in similar patterns. These similar experiences are presented in an adventurousjourney that allows the hero to leave his usual environment, rediscover himself and return to hisformer life. In addition, it has been discussed with the archetypes of Carl Jung that the character,which is studied, is not unique heroes. While examining the work, it is tried to determine whicharchetypes Bilbo fits or which archetypes he evolves. Tolkien, in “The Hobbit or There and BackAgain”, points out the importance of spiritual and material world. He draws attention to the fact thatthe courage of a little fellow in a wide world might be for the benefit of the rest. By choosing a hobbitas a protagonist he aims at showing the significance of an insignificant person might be greater. Ona larger scale, Tolkien aims at attacking prejudices of humanity.