Study of some physical properties of ultrasonically spray deposited silver doped lead sulphide thin films

Sarica E., BİLGİN V.

MATERIALS SCIENCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING, vol.68, pp.288-294, 2017 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In this study, undoped and Ag doped PbS thin films at different concentrations were deposited onto glass substrates at 225 degrees C by using ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technique, in order to investigate the effect of Ag doping on the physical properties of PbS thin films. Structural investigations revealed that all doped PbS: Ag thin films have cubic structure and Ag doping enhances crystalline level of PbS thin films. It was determined that average crystallite size of PbS: Ag thin films increased from 24 nm to 49 nm by increasing Ag doping concentration. Morphological studies showed that surfaces of the films become denser after Ag doping. Optical transmittance and absorption spectra revealed that all deposited thin films have low transmission and high absorbance within the visible region and band gap energy of the PbS:Ag thin films were determined to be in the range of 1.37 eV and 1.28 eV by means of optical method. Electrical conductivity type of PbS: Ag films was determined to be p-type and calculated electrical resistivity was found to be lowest for Ag-doped PbS thin films at 2%.