Reliability and validity of the multicultural education and democracy perception scale: A scale development study

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The Online Journal of Quality in Higher Education, vol.2, no.2, pp.79-91, 2015 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The importance of education on social transformation, on modernization,
and on realization of the values democracy conveys on individuals which cannot be
ignored. As part of equality of opportunity, the role of the realization of the purposes
of multicultural education on individuals, that emphasizes people of different
cultures benefit from education coequally, will also certainly be assumed by
education. To fulfill this duty that needs to be carried out by education, the attitudes,
perceptions and interpretations of individuals towards democracy should be known.
This required information will ensure that educational activities and it will be carried
out more consciously and deliberately. In this vein, the purpose of this study is to
develop Turkish Culture specific “Multicultural Education and Democracy
Perception Scale” (MEDPS). It is predicted that this scale will help data collection
on multicultural education, and with the results it provides, it will also contribute to
the planning of education. In consequence of the exploratory and confirmatory
factor analysis, it was determined that MEDPS has a five-factor structure. Through
to the Cronbach Alpha internal consistency and reliability coefficient, it proves to be
a reliable scale.