Investigation of the Effect of 6-Week Fitness Study on Motorical and Technical Skills in Volleyball Players

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Bavlı Ö., Topçu S. N.

International Journal of Sport Exercise and Training, vol.7, no.4, pp.120-126, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Aim: The aim of the study is to examine the effects of 6-week fitness exercises on the motor skills and technical skills in young volleyball players. Methods: Twelve volleyball athletes (average age is 15,7±0,9 year) with a minimum 2-year volleyball license participated in this study voluntarily. Before and after the study, the plank, curl-up, push-up and standing long jump motoric performances of the athletes, as well as volleyball-specific spike, serve and forearm pass technical skills were tested. Players were randomly divided into two groups as experiment and control. In addition to the volleyball training for 6 weeks, the experimental group did 30 minutes of fitness training 3 days a week, while the control group continued the volleyball technical training. ANOVA test for repeated measures in the SPSS program used for anlysis.Results: There was no difference between the groups in terms of pretest measurements. But after the study, there was a statistically positive difference as a result of push-ups (pretest: 10,1±2,7 rep., posttest: 12,1±2,1 rep.) curl up (pretest: 32,1±4,4 rep., posttest: 40,1±5,6 rep.) and plank tests (pretest: 64,1±5,4 sec., posttest: 109,1±10,3 sec.) of experimental group. Control group showed statistically positive difference on push up scores only (pretest: 8,1±3,2 rep., posttest: 10,8±2,4 rep). When the post tests of the experimental and control groups are examined, it is observed that the statically difference found on plunk scores only in favor of the experimental group (experiment: 109,1±10,3 sec. , control: 87,8±16,1sec.).Conclusion: As a result of this study;6-week strength training had significant effects on volleyball players' performances of push-ups, curl up and planks. On the other hand, 6-week strength training did not have a significant effect on the standing long jump, spike, service and forearm pass performances of volleyball players. While it can be suggested that these trainings can be applied for motor skill development, it may be necessary to do the training for a longer period of time for technical skill development.