Investigation the Services Provided to Disabled in Çanakkale

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Yesilçinar L., Dalyan O., Pişkin M.

Journal of advanced research in natural and applied sciences (Online), vol.7, no.4, pp.464-477, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


− Every healthy person is a disabled candidate, which is why disabled people have an important place in our society and worldwide. However, our citizens with disabilities face many problems in society every day. In this study, some of the problems faced by the disabled and the studies aimed at eliminating these problems were examined and compared with the studies in the literature. In the study, a survey of 60 questions was organized to be answered by disabled individuals residing in Çanakkale province. The survey, which was answered by 60 disabled individuals, was analyzed by Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) 22.0. 44 (73.3 %) of the employees participating in the study are male, 24 (40 %) of them are between 36-45 years. Only 19 (31.7 %) of the participants have received higher education and higher education. 41 of the participants (68.3%) are working. Only 17 (41.5%) of the working participants work in the public sector. Of the participants, 23 (38.3%) were physical, 8 (13.4%) were mental, 7 (11.7%) were auditory, 2 (3.3%) had speech disorders, 2 (3.3%) had learning disabilities, 2 of them (3.3%) had visual impairment and 16 (26.7%) had disability in the other category. The data focused on the safe passage zones for the disabled, sports field, sports guidance and the insufficiency of the disabled staff in public institutions. The identified problems can be solved by establishing a unit for the determination, analysis and follow-up of the services to be provided for disabled individuals within the municipality.