Geovalue and Geoturism Potential of Biga Peninsula

Çalık A., Kapan S., Erenoğlu R. C., Erenoğlu O., Yaşar C., Ulugergerli E. U.

TURKIYE JEOLOJI BULTENI-GEOLOGICAL BULLETIN OF TURKEY, vol.61, no.2, pp.175-192, 2018 (ESCI) identifier


It is summarized what needs to be done and to be able to utilise three structurally different geological formations within the Canakkale province as geo-parks or geovalue that can attract geologically important and interestingtosocieties. As examples, hot water springs of Tuzla geothermalarea, ancient granite columns of Kestanbolu-Yahya Cavusvillage and opal pit of Yenice village are taken as examples. It is also emphasized that besides the areas highlighted, all other possible areas have their own specific conditions and that ignoring these conditions may cause permanent damages to the area. Earth science museum are also important institutions that will contribute to the discovery and introduction of these fields. As a way of preserving areas that are both scientific and tourist attraction, we have also listed our views on the importance of opening up and exploring to public and the negativity of this activity. According to the first results, while the Tuzla Geothermal field could be used with a few simple arrangements but Kestanbol and Yahya Cavus villages could not be used for the purpose of geotourism with its current state of the fields.