Investigation of the availability of a new point load test device in characterization of rocks

Akbay D., Altındağ R.

International Advanced Researches and Engineering Journal, vol.5, no.3, pp.387-397, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Difficulties in determining rock properties have led to the developed and increased use of index test methods predicting them. Index test methods are mostly simple, cheap, and easy to apply but there are some restrictions due to these specifications. The most used method to determine the strength values of rocks indirectly is the point load index. The main aim of this study is primarily investigating the usability of modified test device instead of classical test device. For this, laboratory tests were carried out on rocks with different strength values (3 igneous, 1 metamorphic, 3 sedimentary). The point load index tests were carried on 15 different classical test devices and on a modified test device which the limitations of the classical test device were eliminated. Analysis of the obtained results was carried out by the simple regression method. It was determined the modified test device can be used reliably instead of the classical test devices. Besides, while determining the strength tests the stress distributions on the samples were examined with the finite element method.