Bis{2,6-bis[1-(4-fluorophenylimino)ethyl]pyridine}-1 kappa(3)N,N ',N '';3 kappa(3)N,N ',N ''-di-mu-chlorido-1 : 2 kappa(2)Cl : Cl;-2 : 3 kappa(2)Cl : Cl-trichlorido-1 kappa Cl,2 kappa Cl,3 kappa Cl-2-copper(I)-1,3-dicopper(II)

Oezdemir N., Dincer M., DAYAN O., Cetinkaya B.

ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION C-CRYSTAL STRUCTURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol.64, 2008 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier identifier


The title complex, [Cu(3)Cl(5)(C(21)H(17)N(3)F(2))(2)], is the first reported copper trimer including both Cu(I) and Cu(II) ions. The two Cu(II) ions are five-coordinate in a significantly distorted square-pyramidal arrangement, with the bridging Cl atom located in the apical position, and the pyridine (py) N atom, the two imine N atoms and the other Cl atom located in the basal plane. The Cu(I) ion is in a trigonal planar configuration surrounded by three Cl atoms. The structure is stabilized by intra- and intermolecular C-H center dot center dot center dot Cl and C-H center dot center dot center dot pi(py) hydrogen bonds.