Synthesis and characterization of epoxy resins containing imine group and their curing processes with aromatic diamine


JOURNAL OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART A-PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY, vol.56, no.6, pp.618-627, 2019 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The epoxy resins containing imine bonding were prepared from hydroxyl substituted Schiff base monomers in two steps. At the first step, hydroxyl substituted Schiff base monomers were synthesized via condensation reaction. At the second step, epoxy resins were synthesized from the reaction between Schiff base monomers and epichlorohydrine (EPC). Then curing processes of epoxy resins were achieved by p-phenylenediamine compound. The structures of resulting compounds were confirmed by FT-IR, UV-Vis and H-1-NMR. TG-DTA and DSC measurements were performed for thermal characterizations of the compounds. Chemical resistances of the cured epoxy-amine systems were determined for coating applications in acidic, alkaline and organic solvents. HCl (10%, aqueous solution), NaOH (10%, aqueous solution), DMSO, DMF, N-methylpyrrolidone, ethanol, THF and acetone were used for corrosion tests. Chemical resistance data of the synthesized epoxy resins demonstrated that they have good chemical resistance against various acid, alkaline and common organic solvents. Surface morphologies of epoxy resin and the cured epoxy resin were determined with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements. Also, optical band gap (E-g) values of Schiff base monomers and epoxy resins were calculated from UV-Vis measurements.