The Comparison of State-Trait Anxiety Level of the Families Who Have Children with Mental Disabilities

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The International Journal of Human and Behavioral Science (IHJBs), vol.1, no.3, pp.23-31, 2015 (Scopus)


The aim of this study is to determine the state-trait anxiety level of the families who have children with mental disabilities in Kocaeli and Çanakkale, whose children are diagnosed as mentally retarded. And also, It has been done to search whether there are any differences between the state-trait anxiety level of the families or not. It has been done a quasi-experimental field application in the study. Research sample has been consisted of total 99 families who live in Kocaeli (n=50) and Çanakkale (n=49) and have children with metal disabilities in the age of primary and secondary school. Those are determined as 85 of mother and 14 of father. In the study, random scanning method has been used. After they are informed, the state-trait anxiety scale, which is advanced by Spielberg and his friends (1970) and translated into Turkish by Öner and Le Compte (1974-1977), has been carried out by the families included the research sample. In the evaluation process of data, t test, One-Way ANOVA and chi square tests have been used. The differences of anxiety level between ages, genders and occupational clusters have been taken into consideration during the research. As a result of research, it has not been found out considerable differences in the comparison of genders and occupational clusters. While it has not been found out considerable differences of the state anxiety level in the comparison between ages, it has been found out considerable differences the trait anxiety level. Consequently, a meaningful correlation has been determined between the state-trait anxiety level of families having children with mental disabilities and ages, education, level of income, gender of children with mental disabilities. That the institutions, where children can be treated and educated, are augmented and parenting education and individual consultancy service are provided to the parents has been thought to reduce the state-trait anxiety feelings