Non-COVID-19 viral pneumonia in adults in Turkey

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YÜKSEL C., ALIRAVCI I. D., AKÇA A., ÖNDER T., sefer s., durmuş idil z., ...More

Demiroğlu Bilim Üniversitesi Florence Nightingale Tıp Dergisi, vol.7, no.2, pp.208-212, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


ABSTRACT The role of respiratory viruses in pneumonia has not been fully understood yet. Viral infections are more easily diagnosed in recent years by nucleic acid tests, which can detect all respiratory viruses simultaneously and are available in many centers. This study aimed to review viral pneumonias in the light of the literature and to evaluate publications in Turkey.

Keywords: Community-acquired pneumonia, hospital-acquired pneumonia, Turkey, viral pneumonia.