Mechanical and Microstructural Behaviors of Directionally Solidified Al2O3/Al16Ti5O34 Eutectics

Abali S.

2nd International Conference on Mechanics and Control Engineering (ICMCE 2013), Beijing, China, 1 - 02 September 2013, pp.224-229 identifier identifier


In this work, rods of Al2O3-TiO2 eutectics containing 65 and 60 wt% Al2O3 were grown using the laser floating zone method. Raman spectroscopy was used to determine the phase composition. Creep strength of Al2O3-Al16Ti5O34 (65AT) eutectic at 1500 degrees C has 320 MPa, which is about higher than beta-Al2TiO5/Al2O3 (60AT) crystal. Temperature dependence flexure strength, hardness, elasticity and fracture toughness of the Al2O3-Al16Ti5O34 and beta-Al2TiO5/Al2O3 crystals were analyzed. The relationship between the microstructure and the mechanical properties were analyzed the 60 and 65AT eutectic crystals.