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Erduran Nemutlu F.

International Journal of Landscape Architecture Research, vol.6, no.2, pp.32-41, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Planting designs have different functional and aesthetic effects in cities. The most important benefits of using natural vegetation in these designs could be counted as promoting the city's natural resources and contributing to the city's economy and ecology. Species in natural vegetation should be given priority, especially in terms of reducing water consumption and minimizing maintenance needs. This study was carried out in Çanakkale, taking into account this importance. In the study, Arbutus unedo L. (Kocayemiş, Davulga, Strawberry tree) plant, which is widely found in both Gallipoli and Biga peninsulas of Çanakkale Province and whose fruit is used locally, has been discussed. The plant, which is the subject of the study, is found in very small areas in the urban design of Çanakkale. When examined in terms of urban landscape plants, it was determined that mostly exotic (foreign to the region) plant species were used, which created the necessity of the study. However, the use of natural plant species with different functions in the landscape design of the city will give the city an identity and make it attractive. For this reason, the dendrological features, design elements and effects of different seasons of natural species unique to each city should be well known. In the study method, the natural habitats of the Abutus unedo L. plant in Çanakkale were examined in situ and photographs were taken, the characteristics of the plant and its landscape value were presented with a table. In this context, it is aimed to popularize the use of A. unedo L. in Çanakkale urban landscape designs. As a result of the study, the dendrological characteristics of the plant, its ecological demands and its usage possibilities in terms of landscape architecture were determined and it was facilitated to compare it with different plants. In addition, a design proposal is presented for the use of the natural vegetation in urban design. Keywords: Functional design, natural vegetation, planting design, Strawberry tree, urban landscape design.