Are Brand value Reports Compatible with Financial Reports

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Akyıldız M.

Global Jounal of Human Social Science :H Inter disciplinary, vol.20, no.7, pp.54-66, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Abstract- The purpose of this paper is to uncover whether brand value reports published by  brand va luation organizations are compatible with the financial reports and whether brand value contributes to profitability and financial performance. For this purpose, four panel data model were built up to investigate the impact of brand value on profitability and performance, The  data belongs to food companies which are among Turkey's top 100 listed brands. The data are collected from the brand valuation report and financial statements published between the years 2008-2018. Results of analysis indicate that there is no relationship between brand v alue and financial performance. However, the re lations between brand value and profitability ratios are significant. This paper conclude that financial statements and brand valuation reports are not sufficiently compatible with each other. Additionally, this paper suggests that Turkish firms should try to increase their brand strengths.