Analysis of Cultural Hegemony in Touchstone EFL Course Book Series


The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal, vol.21, no.1, pp.131-141, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Although a number of studies have been conducted on the existence of cultural and linguistic hegemony in EFL course books, both global and local publishers, and authors intentionally or unintentionally seem to reflect specific cultures, norms, and ideologies more in the course books. Thus, the present study aims to explore the state of hegemonic practices with regard to the inner, outer and expanding circle cultural compounds imbued in EFL course books used by Turkish university students. This study seeks to highlight how the users of the related course books perceive the mentioned issue. The sample group of the study consisted of 109 Turkish EFL students. An interview formed by the researchers was utilized to get the related views of the users of these course books. Further, the second strand of the data was collected by qualitative content analysis through Touchstone Level 1 Student's Book and Touchstone Level 2 Student's Book. The findings of the study suggest that the inner circle (English) hegemony was dominant in the analyzed course books and the users of these course books mostly desire to see the target (English) culture in order to better learn English language. This study may supply great help for course book authors and publishers.