Investigation of Increasing Violence Against Women in Specific to the Coronavirus Pandemic and Developing Recommendations on What Can Be Done to Prevent Violence Kadına Yönelik Artan Şiddet Olaylarının Koronavirüs Pandemisi Özelinde İncelenmesi ve Şiddeti Önlemek İçin Yapılabileceklere Dair Öneriler Geliştirilmesi

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Demir R.

E-Journal of Dokuz Eylul University Nursing Faculty, vol.16, no.1, pp.114-125, 2023 (Scopus) identifier


Violence against women is a multidimensional problem that has many physical, psychological, sexual, and economic effects. It is reported that the coronavirus pandemic that we are experiencing globally today is a cause of increasing violence against women, and that women are more exposed to violence by their husbands or cohabitants for various reasons during the pandemic process. In order to prevent violence against women and increase women’s health, it is necessary to provide women with the emergency support services they need, to provide some medical, psychological, and economic support during the pandemic process, and develop public awareness on the issue. Women’s health means first family health and then community health. Therefore, it is important to examine the increasing incidents of violence against women in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, develop suggestions about what can be done prevent violence, and plan the support and services to be given to women. Midwives and nurses should evaluate the risk of violence for all women and girls, especially those who are exposed to violence or who are at risk of being exposed to violence in quarantine, and ensure that they can access health services, including psycho-social support services. The purpose of this review; examine the increasing violence against women in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and to suggestions to prevent violence.