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Tanriverdi graduated from Atatürk University's undergraduate nursing program in 1992. She completed her master's degree in 1999 and her doctorate in 2003 in the Department of Public Health Nursing at the same university. Tanriverdi has been working at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Health Sciences since 2005. She became a professor in the department of public health nursing in 2017. Tanriverdi served in many managerial and chairman positions at the university and took part in commissions. Tanriverdi, whose first research was published in 1999, has 75 articles and nearly 100 papers presented in national and international congresses. Tanriverdi has been working on the importance of culture on health and nursing since 2000. Tanriverdi has made a presentation as a speaker at nearly 100 scientific and social events on the cultural approach to health. Tanriverdi, who organized many congresses, symposiums, workshops, panels, and courses on the subject, gave speeches on health and culture in many radio, television, and online programs. In addition to being the researcher who developed the first Model in this field in Turkey, she is the founding member and president of the Intercultural Nursing Association. In addition to Tanriverdi's books "Intercultural Nursing" "Approaches and suggestions to develop cultural competence in nurses", "Nursing approaches in different religions", "Cultural diversity and traditional health practices in Turkey", "Cultural differences and nursing approaches in Turkey" There are 30 book chapters on cultural approach in different books.  Tanriverdi advised eight theses on the subject and contributed to many theses. Tanriverdi has recently proposed a new field of specialization for nursing in Turkey with her article "Interreligious Nursing". In addition to all these, Tanrıverdi, who is actively involved in community-based studies, worked at the University's Women's Studies Application and Research Center for about 12 years and was its director for a while. Tanriverdi currently conducts compulsory courses such as "Public Health Nursing", Research Writing Skills I and II", "Intercultural Nursing", "Interreligious Nursing (the first in Turkey)", and gives courses to develop cultural competence in healthcare professionals and gives lectures on the subject. She continues his related theses and studies.


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