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I have worked as University Professor of Engineering and a Geophysicist/Seismologist for many years, conducting teaching, administration and research internationally, including work related to risk management of energy production areas and rock physics of energy fields.  I have extensive experience in management, organization, teaching, consulting and data collection and interpretation and am comfortable using a variety of software for data processing.  Through my work I have gained experience in management, seismicity studies and monitoring for safety of energy and mining fields, seismotectonic analysis for city planning, conducting probabilistic hazard assessment for risk insurance.

For much of my career I have worked as head of department and professional organizations, and an instructor in earthquake seismology, field seismology and 4D seismology, including work at the prestigious King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and Alberta University where all instruction is in English; and I am currently working as a Professor of Seismology in Istanbul University since 2010.  I feel confident in my ability to clearly communicate the microseismic process to others, including those with little knowledge in this area.  My work as an instructor of postgraduate students has helped me develop the skills to guide and support projects while maintaining high standards in organization.  

I have pursued a career in University Professor of Geophysics/Seismology and Volunteer Coordinator of University Business World Meeting, Scientific Panels and Conferences, because it is an area of passion and interest to me, and as such I have focused on continual study and collaboration with other scientific and business professionals.  It is through this international collaboration that I have developed strong communication skills and the ability to work towards a common goal.  


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