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Mesopotamian waterscapes: watermills in the 'Lands of Mosul'

Mesopotamia: Journal of Archaeology, Epigraphy and History of the Ancient Near East, vol.15, pp.1-24, 2021 (International Refereed University Journal)

Land Use Disputes Between Nomads and Landowners as Reflected in the Sicils of Ankara, 1611-1628

Archivum Ottomanicum, vol.34, pp.267-277, 2017 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)

Celaliliğin Türkmen Cephesi: 17. yüzyıl Anadolu Kırsalında Türkmen Voyvodası ve Türkmenler

Kebikeç İnsan Bilimleri İçin Kaynak Araştırmaları Dergisi, vol.33, pp.49-85, 2012 (Other Refereed National Journals)

Sedentarization of the Turcomans in the 16th Century Cappadocia: Kayseri,1480-1584

Türk Dilleri Araştırmaları Dizisi, vol.48, pp.153-184, 2011 (Other Refereed National Journals)

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Some Preliminary Notes on the Rural Economy and Settlement Patterns of Ottoman Mosul in the Sixteenth Century

Archaeological Landscapes of Mesopotamia between Prehistory and the Islamic Period, Udine, Italy, 15 - 16 January 2019, pp.1

17. Yüzyıl Urfa (Ruha) ve civarında Kara-Ulus Aşiretleri ve Resm-i Çobaniyye Vergisinin Toplanmasına Yönelik İtirazları

III. Uluslararası Osmanlı Sancağından Cumhuriyet Kentine Urfa Tarihi, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, 6 - 08 April 2018, pp.2

From Catastrophe to Crisis: A Reconsideration of the Desert and Sown Paradigm in Relation to the Nomads of Asia Minor, (11th-13th and late 16th-early 17th centuries)

Chaos and Catastrophe; Restoration and Renewal, the annual postgraduate symposium organised by the Society of Early Medieval, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation and Early Modern Europe, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 5 - 06 June 2016, pp.5

Land Use Disputes Between Nomads and Landowners as Reflected in the Sicils of Ankara, 1611-1628

Comité International des Études Pré-Ottomanes et Ottomanes (CIEPO), Budapest, Hungary, 7 - 11 October 2014, pp.58

A View Through an Anthropological Perspective on the Definition Forms Used in the Ottoman Archival Documents Concerning Nomadic Groups

15th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium at Centre For Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 24 May 2014, pp.5

Some Observations on the Sedentarization Process of the Turcomans in the 16th Century in Cappadocia

Between Religion and Language, Karamanlidika, Armeno-Turkish, Hebrew-Turkish and Aljamiado Texts, İstanbul, Turkey, 21 - 22 May 2010, pp.2

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The Citadel of Urfa (Ruha) in the Ottoman Written Sources

in: From Edessa to Urfa: The Fortification of the Citadel, Cristina Tonghini, Editor, Archaeopress, Oxford, pp.62-70, 2021