Service Quality as a Profit Strategy in Marketing: The Service-profit Chain Model

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The European Journal of Service Management (EJSM), vol.9, pp.25-40, 2012 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Service quality in marketing of goods or services is getting more important day
by day. Because competition in every sector is becoming more severe in a global world
market. High service quality is one of the key elements to increase customer satisfaction
and loyalty. At the same time it is one of the main factors in profitability, development, and
sustainability of businesses. In this article, it is empasized the importance of service quality
in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Service-profit chain model is examined. As the
case study, some research findings from academical and managerial perspectives are summarized.
And some proposals are made to promote high quality services as an important
aspect of successful marketing management.
Keywords: Service quality, Service-Profit Chain Model, Customer satisfaction, Customer