Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) Gum: a potent inhibitor of reactive oxygen species

ŞEHİTOĞLU H., Han H., Kalin P., GÜLÇİN İ., Ozkan A., ABOUL-ENEIN H. Y.

JOURNAL OF ENZYME INHIBITION AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, vol.30, no.2, pp.264-269, 2015 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier identifier


In the present study, in order to evaluate antioxidant and radical scavenging properties of Pistachio gum (P-Gum), different bioanalytical methods such as DPPH center dot scavenging activity, DMPD center dot+ radical scavenging activity, total antioxidant activity determination by ferric thiocyanate, reducing ability Fe3+-Fe2+ transformation, Cuprac and FRAP assays, O-2(center dot-) scavenging by riboflavin-methionine-illuminate system and ferrous ions (Fe2+) chelating activities by 2,2'-bipyridyl reagent were performed separately. P-Gum inhibited 54.2% linoleic acid peroxidation at 10 mu g/ml concentration. On the other hand, BHA, BHT, alpha-tocopherol and trolox, pure antioxidant compounds, indicated inhibition of 80.3%, 73.5%, 36.2% and 72.0% on peroxidation of linoleic acid emulsion at the same concentration, respectively. In addition, all of sample had an effective DPPH center dot, DMPD center dot+ and O-2(center dot-) scavenging, Fe3+ reducing power by Fe3+-Fe2+ transformation and FRAP assay, Cu2+ reducing ability by Cuprac method and Fe2+ chelating activities.