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Institutional Information: Eğitim Fakültesi, Güzel Sanatlar Eğitimi, Müzik Eğitimi Anasanat Dalı
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Folklore, Art, Music, Music Sciences, Classial Turkish Music, Turkish Folk Music





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The artist,  who meets with ‘’Bağlama family’’ at an early age, passes the examinations for Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory. During his education he works as a Bağlama player for the Conservatory Turkish Folk Music Choir. He’s had the chance to meet with Mehmet ERENLER and Kemal KOLDAŞ, who are eminent artists of Istanbul Radio, listen to them personally and get their opinion. He started teaching Bağlama and working for the folk music choir of Turkish Folklore Association in 2000. He has attended ‘’Istanbul Music Days’’ twice with the association’s Folk Music Society. He has played at many national and international concerts and continued his music studies with various bands. In 2004, he started playing for Sivas State Turkish Folk Music Choir as a guest artist and continued his studies with the choir for two years. Meanwhile, he gave lessons at Sivas Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Fine Arts, Music Technology and Music Sciences Department about ‘’Turkish Folk Instruments’’ as a guest lecturer. From 2006 onwards he has been teaching at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University as a lecturer. During his academic studies, he has given concerts and has participated various projects and recitals with his instrument within the body of his University. From 2012 onwards, he has been tasked with teaching at Educational Faculty, Music Teaching Department. He started to give the lessons of ‘’Bağlama Family, Individual Instrument’’ within the scope of ‘’Bağlama Art Major’’ and meanwhile founded the ‘’Turkish Folk Music choir’’ within the State Conservatory and worked as a conductor in this choir. He prepared and hosted a radio show called ‘’Memleket’’ (Hometown) about Turkish Folk Music at the radio of his university. He has played at many concerts with the Music Teaching Department Academic Chamber Orchestra as a soloist. He has founded a Bağlama band called ‘’Deli Dervis’’ with his student from Music Teaching Department by 2014 and has given many concerts with the band. He has played for two album projects of his university called ‘’Çanakkale Folk Music’’ and ‘’ Academic Chamber Orchestra’’. He is still continuing his academic studies and concert performances within Music Teaching Department. Sedat Çılgın, who has given solo performances and concerts at various places since 2000, has been working in accordance with ‘’Play and Sing’’ tradition of Turkish Folk Music. He is displaying a sense of art of ‘’Anatolian Music Culture’ with his studies embodied around traditional Bağlama playing techniques.