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A National Value from a Non-National Perspective: The Case of ‘the Çanakkale Battles’

2nd International Congress of Language and Translation Studies, Konya, Turkey, 3 - 04 November 2022, pp.1

Pseudo-Retranslation: A Translational Conduit for the Dissemination of Flawed Academic Knowledge

International Congress on Academic Studies in Translation and Interpreting Studies (ICASTIS), Bolu, Turkey, 29 September - 01 October 2022, pp.39 Creative Commons License

Réécriture Féminine as a Conceptual Convergence: A Paratextual Analysis of Emily Wilson’s Translation of The Odyssey (Homer)

International Congress on Academic Studies in Translation and Interpreting Studies (ICASTIS), Bolu, Turkey, 29 September - 01 October 2022, pp.33 Creative Commons License

Aktarımsal ve dilsel hataların bir devlet üniversitesinin örgütsel iletişimine olası etkileri

IV. Uluslararası Rumeli [Dil, Edebiyat ve Çeviri] Sempozyumu, İstanbul, Turkey, 14 - 15 May 2022, pp.64-65

Pseudo-retranslation: A novel perspective on translational intertextuality

Łódź‐ZHAW Duo Colloquium on Translation and Meaning, Zürich, Switzerland, 2 - 03 September 2021, pp.22

A Case of Situated Learning and its Implications on Development of Translator Competence

2nd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ACADEMIC STUDIES IN PHILOLOGY , Balıkesir, Turkey, 2 - 05 September 2020, pp.71 Sustainable Development

Speed vs. quality: Assessing the quality of the translations by Turkish translation students

8th EST Congress Aarhus 2016, Arhus, Denmark, 15 - 17 September 2016, pp.1

Pirates(!) Strike Back: Turkish Fansubbers Standing Up for Fansubbing

20th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes (LSP), Vienna, Austria, 8 - 10 July 2015, pp.67


English Studies as Archive and as Prospecting: 80 Years of English Studies in Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, 18 - 21 September 2014, pp.114

Describing the Information Literacy of Translation Students: the Case of Turkey

International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting, Intercultural Studies & East Asian Studies, Barcelona, Spain, 04 July 2014, pp.1 Sustainable Development

Training in Legal Translation: Specialists vs. Academics

The 10th International Language, Literature and Stylistics Symposium, Ankara, Turkey, 3 - 05 November 2010, pp.1

Reconciliation of Tripartite Model of Freud and the Role of Women in Lysistrata

International Multidisciplinary Women's Congress: Change and Empowerment, İzmir, Turkey, 13 - 16 October 2009 Sustainable Development

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Pseudo-Retranslation: A Novel Perspective on Translational Intertextuality

in: Contextuality in Translation and Interpreting, Michał Kornacki Gary Massey, Editor, Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., Berlin, pp.249-274, 2022

Çeviribilim Dergilerinin Profilleri ve Bilimsel Dergi Yayıncılığı

in: Research and Publication Issues in Translation and Interpreting Studies, Ayşe Nihal AKBULUT,Oktay ESER, Editor, Pegem A Yayıncılık, Ankara, pp.45-71, 2021 Sustainable Development