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SCI, SSCI ve AHCI İndekslerine Giren Dergilerde Yayınlanan Makaleler

Hakemli Kongre / Sempozyum Bildiri Kitaplarında Yer Alan Yayınlar

Genetically Encoded Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) Biosensor for Detection of D-Allose.

1.Euroasia Biochemical Approaches Technologies Congress, Antalya, Türkiye, 27 - 30 Ekim 2018

Mercury Sensing Based On Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Protein And Merr

International Conference On Applied Informatics For Health And Life Sciences, 19 - 22 Ekim 2014

Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) based biosensor for D-allose

EMBO/EMBL Symposium: Seeing is Believing – Imaging the Processes of Life, 3 - 06 Ekim 2013

Blue Fluorescent Protein-Based Biosensor For D-Allose

3rd International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology (BITE), 13 - 15 Mayıs 2013

Recombinant CFP – MerR Fusion Protein as a Mercury Ion Biosensor

3rd International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology (BITE), 13 - 15 Mayıs 2013

Fusion of green fluorescent protein to the N-terminal of aspartate dehydrogenase

International Conference on Enzyme Science and Technology (ICEST), 31 Ekim - 04 Kasım 2011

Construction of a Fusion Protein Between GFP and Sugar Binding Protein

The International Congress on Bioinformatics and Biomics, 18 - 20 Mayıs 2011

Kitap & Kitap Bölümleri

Nucleic Acid Aptamers Against Virulence Factors of Drug Resistant Pathogens

Frontiers in Anti-Infective Drug Discovery, , Editör, Bentham Baltzer Science Publishers, 2018

Cell-penetrating peptides in nanodelivery of nucleic acids and drugs

Nanostructures for the Engineering of Cells, Tissues and Organs, Grumezescu Alexandru Mihai, Editör, Elsevier, 2018

Pathogen-specific nucleic acid aptamers as targeting components of antibiotic and gene delivery systems

Nanostructures for Drug Delivery, Andronescu Ecaterina, Grumezescu Alexandru Mihai, Editör, Elsevier, 2017